TSVC Volunteer Board 2022/23

The TSVC President is also a member of the TSO Board of Directors.

President Debra Walker
Vice-Presidents Cindy Bellman
  Kathleen Birks
  Eleanor Cleary
  Joyce Egberts
Secretaries Simone Katz and Cindy Bellman
Treasurer Susan Davies
Bridge Shirley Mitchell and Heather Oda
Communications Eric Frisch and Joyce Egberts
Craft Beer/Music Event On hiatus
Day at the Races Debra Walker, Assistant: John Robertson
Education Cindy Bellman
Fine Wine Auction 2022 Olga Fershaloff, Assistant: Thao Nguyen
Interludes Eleanor Cleary, Assistant: Houry Artinian
Letter Writing Judy Rathbun, Assistant: Lorraine DesRochers
Meetings and Hospitality Sandra Gopaul, Assistant: Gladys Odegard
Membership Joanne Colbourne, Assistant: Heather Oda
Introductory Members Maggy Stepanian, Assistant: Frank Au
New Projects John Robertson, Assistant: Prakash Amarasooriya
Nominations To be determined Sep 2022
Orchestra Liaison Aili Suurallik
Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2022 Joyce Egberts, Assistant: Nour Kasir
Speaker Series On hiatus
Past President Andrea Alexander, Roberta Innes
Olga Fershaloff  
Judy Rathbun  
Marcia Skilling  
Barbara Trull  

Ad Hoc Committee – 100th Anniversary:
Andrea Alexander (Honorary Chair), Houry Artinian (Chair)

Non-Board Positions:
Archives – Kathleen Birks
Membership Liaison – June Elendt and Simone Katz