TSVC Volunteer Board 2021/22

The TSVC President is also a member of the TSO Board of Directors.

President Debra Walker
Vice-Presidents Kathleen Birks
  Joyce Egberts
  Cindy Bellman
Secretaries Cindy Bellman and Simone Katz
Treasurer and Office Assistant Susan Davies
Bridge Shirley Mitchell
Communications Eric Frisch, Assistant: Julie Huh
Craft Beer/Music Event Aili Suurallik
Day at the Races Debra Walker, Assistant: John Robertson
Education Cindy Bellman
Fine Wine Auction 2021 Olga Fershaloff, Assistant: Thao Nguyen
Interludes Houry Artinian and Eleanor Cleary, Assistant: Heather Oda
Letter Writing Judy Rathbun, Assistant: Lorraine DesRochers
Meetings and Hospitality Sandra Gopaul
Membership Joanne Colbourne, Assistant: Heather Oda
Introductory Members Maggy Stepanian, Assistant: Frank Au
New Projects John Robertson, Assistant: Prakash Amarasooriya
Nominations TBD
Orchestra Liaison Aili Suurallik and Marcia Skilling
Scotiabank Marathon 2021 Joyce Egberts
Speaker Series Houry Artinian, Assistant: Marianne Oundjian
Past President Andrea Alexander, Roberta Innes
Houry Artinian  
Olga Fershaloff  
Roberta Innes  
Judy Rathbun  
Marcia Skilling