TSVC Membership Survey

To help plan for 2022-2023, the TSVC encourages members to complete and submit this brief online survey:

TSVC Membership Survey 2022-2023

TSVC Membership Survey 2022-2023

To help the TSVC plan for the upcoming year 2022-2023, please check your interest in the TSVC projects/committees listed below, and then submit your completed online survey by clicking 'Send'.

For additional information on the listed projects/committees, please contact the committee chair listed in the TSVC Membership Book (page 6). Project/committee chairs will be notified of your interest. In following COVID-19 safety protocols, TSVC in-person events will be held when permitted and safe to do so.


Name, email address, lead role interest and your availability. You will also be required to select at least one option for the following events: Bridge Event, Craft Beer/Music Event, Day at the Races, Fine Wine Auction, Speaker Series, Toronto Waterfront Marathon, 100th Anniversary and Interludes.
ALL REQUIRED FIELDS MUST BE COMPLETED before the survey can be submitted.


Committee to plan and organize an online event including an online silent auction. Volunteer assistance required (day of the event only for "in-person" event).

The CRAFT BEER/MUSIC EVENT is on hiatus and under discussion until further notice. For future planning purposes please check your interest from the above options.

Day at the Races Committee: TSVC members interested in being a part of this committee and event on May 6, 2023, in support of the TSO 100th Anniversary. Enthusiastic members to assist with sponsors, auctions, greeters, and overall camaraderie on the day of the event.

FINE WINE AUCTION - Major annual online auction fundraiser requiring a committee and sub-committees, e.g. wine acquisitions and pick-ups, PR/social media, marketing, and catalogue.

The SPEAKER SERIES is on hiatus and under discussion until further notice. For future planning purposes please check your interest from the above options.

TORONTO WATERFRONT MARATHON CHARITY CHALLENGE - Committee to plan, coordinate, and promote Team TSO's participation in the annual Charity Challenge (virtual and in-person) with the assistance of the TSO family, and to encourage participation and support of the event.

100th Anniversary Committee: TSVC Members interested in working on activities/events to highlight and celebrate the TSVC Season 2022/23.


EDUCATION: 1) MORNING WITH THE TSO - To welcome and provide orientation to secondary school music students attending a morning Toronto Symphony Orchestra rehearsal at Roy Thomson Hall. 2) YOUNG PEOPLE'S CONCERTS - To host and welcome lobby performers for TSO Young People's Concerts at Roy Thomson Hall (RTH) (approximately 4 Sunday afternoons). 3) TSYO OUTREACH - Attend Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra (TYSO) rehearsal, support TSYO Concerto Competition, attend their concerts.

LETTER WRITING - Assist the TSO in handwriting of fundraising letters annually.


MEMBERSHIP: 1) MEMBERS - Committee responsible for communications with Active, Associate, and Honorary members. Conducts annual survey to determine members' interests and involvement in TSVC activities. One or two members are asked to act as Membership Liaison sending notes to members who are celebrating personal milestones, illness or special events. 2) INTRODUCTORY - Committee responsible for guiding new introductory members and providing mentorship for them.


ARCHIVES - Person(s) responsible for ensuring TSVC documents regarding TSVC activities are filed and stored at Toronto Archives location.

COMMUNICATIONS - Committee works with TSO communications to promote and publicise TSVC events. Members must have any of marketing, PR, writing and editing, computer and research skills. Familiarity with social media is an asset. This committee's responsibilities include publishing the TSVC monthly electronic newsletter. Writers and editors needed. Photography and computer skills are an asset.

INTERLUDES - Committee invites guest speakers and arranges venues, food etc. to host 4 or more events a year.

MEETINGS & HOSPITALITY - Committee to arrange locations and food for General Meetings and Annual General Meeting (for “in-person” meetings).

ORCHESTRA LIAISON: 1) ORCHESTRA LUNCHEON - Committee to arrange and host luncheons for the TSO musicians and volunteers. 2) ORCHESTRA FRIENDS - Individual role that pairs volunteers with the TSO musicians.

NEW PROJECTS - Committee to brainstorm innovative ideas for new activities.


PILOT PROJECT – WINTER HOLIDAYS AUCTION: New Projects has identified a user-friendly platform that is particularly suited to online auctions run by nonprofits. The business plan includes a test auction to be run in November 2022. John Robertson can be contacted for a copy of the business plan and for more information. Would you be interested in joining New Projects so as to assist with this pilot project?

SECRETARY - Individuals to act as TSVC Secretary or Assistant to the TSVC Officers, Board and General meetings. Computer skills required.

TREASURER - Individuals to act as TSVC Treasurer or Assistant, or act as a fundraising event treasurer. Accounting skills an asset.


Please indicate if you are interested in taking on a lead role in any of the TSVC projects/committees.

Please list time available - i.e. hours, am/pm, days, months available to work on TSVC projects/committees in 2022-2023.

Please share your thoughts on any of the above noted TSVC projects/committees.

Security check - please type the numbers and letters exactly as they appear below into the "Type the characters" entry box above.

Please click 'Send" to submit your completed form. THANK YOU!
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