Programme for Students in Grade 4 and/or 5

The Adopt-A-Player programme is an exciting, rewarding experience for all its participants. Musicians from the TSO, over a period of two months January – March, work in a classroom of Grade 4 and/or 5. Musicians, students, teachers and docents start with a blank page, in this case, a blank score, which eventually develops into a performance piece.

The students are the creators and performers while the musician is the catalyst and interpreter and the teacher the overseer and the continuity factor. The TSVC volunteer (docent) assists the teacher and musician.

Each individual has a contribution to make. Through teamwork, cooperation, discussion, sharing, trial and error, a creative piece emerges. Everyone’s ideas are valued and considered. The vision becomes a shared one and everyone has a role to play that is vital to the outcome.

Each class shares its piece with other schools in the programme. Parents, siblings, friends, and staff are invited to share in the musical achievements at one of the Sharing Concerts hosted by one of the participating schools.

For more information, visit the TSO website.