TSVC Membership Survey

To help plan for 2017-2018, we encourage members to complete and submit this brief online TSVC Membership Survey.

Please check the projects you are interested in.

Please click here to complete the survey:

TSVC Membership Survey

TSVC Membership Survey

To help us plan for the upcoming year, please check those projects you would like to work on in 2017-2018, and then submit your completed survey by clicking 'Send'.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey. Please note: Required fields are name, email address, and comments. All required fields must be completed before the survey can be submitted. For additional information on the listed projects/committees, please contact the committee chair listed in the TSVC Membership Book.

In the 'Comments' section, please note time available to work on projects in 2017-2018 (i.e. hours, am/pm, days, months). Please also indicate projects worked on in the past, if applicable.

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