TSVC Membership Survey

To help plan for 2018-2019, we encourage members to complete and submit this brief online TSVC Membership Survey.

Please check the projects you are interested in.

Please click here to complete the survey:  TSVC Membership Survey

TSVC Membership Survey

Thank you for your involvement in TSVC activities in the past. To help us plan for the upcoming year, please check those projects you would like to work on in 2018-2019, and then submit your completed online survey by clicking 'Send'.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey. Please note: Required fields are name, email address, and comments. All required fields must be completed before the survey can be submitted. For additional information on the listed projects/committees, please contact the committee chair listed in the TSVC Membership Book.

In the 'Comments' section, please note time available to work on projects in 2018-2019 (i.e. hours, am/pm, days, months). Please also indicate if you are interested in taking on a lead role in any of our activities.

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